The blue print of Versailles is from the traditional dark portoro but also differnet with it. It does not have a clear pattern and strong color contrast like the normal portoro, but it has a better layering of the stone and with much more color for you to choose to fit your space. And with the effect of subsidence, it can create a vivid look of the real stone.

Versailles Blue Full glazed polished tile

  • Size: x x


    Finish: Polished

    Application: Flooring/Wall

  • Pattern Variation: 6

    Sqt per box: 16

    Finish: Polished (Full Glazed)

    Water Absorption: <0.4

    Breaking Strength (N): >1600

    Abrasion Resistance (750 circles): Grade 3

    Slipperiness: Dry-0.5, Wet-0.4

    Stain Resistance: Grade 4

    Chemical Resistance: GB,GLB