The reference object of Timber Series comes from the Canadian Pseudotsuga Menziesii. After many years of the wind and rain, the wood has formed a unique and antiquated texture.Based on this special texture, Dongpeng has created a whole new wood series, which brings a vigorous and stylish feeling.

Timber Brown - HF965028

SKU: HF965028
  • Color: Light Grey

    Size: 6 in. x 36. in x 10.5 mm 

    Pattern Variation: 16

    Finish: Matt (Glazed)

    Application: Flooring/Wall

  • Water Absorption: 0.31

    Breaking Strength (N): 2183

    Abrasion Resistance (1500 Circles): Class 3

    Mohs: Class 5

    Slipperiness: Dry - 0.57 ; Wet - 0.49

    Stain Resistance: Class 5

    Chemical Resistance: Class GA