The Rug look have a dynamic personality for the living space. The color blend smoothly, which make the decorative details invent a new meaning of brightness. 


    • Three Glaze Layers

      Ground Glaze: Aground layer that stabilizes the expansion coefficient between the tile’s body and the glaze

      Cover Glaze: A surface layer and color enhancer strong in creating realistic and vivid pictures

      Protection Glaze:A protection layer that shields the surface stain resistance and abrasion resistance.


      By using the Laser Carving mode, the texture is more exquisite and capable of restoring the actual textile.



      According to the GB test, the result of slippage is positive.           Dry: 0.8, Wet: 0.7

RUZZLE-DECO Carpet Porcelain Tile Light Beige 24 in. x 24 in. YF602251

SKU: YF602251
Color: Light Beige
  • Size: 24in  x 24 in


    Finish: Matt Finish

    Pattern Variation: 6

    Application: Flooring/Wall


  • Pattern Variation: 6

    Sqt per box: 16


    Pattern Variation: 6

    Application: Flooring/Wall

    Technical Data

    Water Absorption: 0.15

    Breaking Strength (N): 2191

    Abrasion Resistance (1500 Circles): Class 3 

    Mohs: Class 5

    Slipperiness: Dry - 0.62 ; Wet - 0.49

    Stain Resistance: Class 5

    Chemical Resistance: Class GA