The oversize wood look porcelain tile adds the natural wood decor detail to the tile which gives a more decent look. If you are looking for special design wood porcelain tile this is the one.


Echo Wood Porcelain Floor Tile in Chocolate Brown 8"x36" HF925018

SKU: HF925018
Color: Brown
  • Size: 8 in. x 36. in x 10.5 mm


    Finish: Polished

    Application: Flooring/Wall

  • Color: Brown

    Size: 8 in. x 36. in x 10.5 mm 

    Finish: Rusted

    Application: Flooring/Wall

    Technical Data

    Water Absorption: 0.37

    Breaking Strength (N): 2055

    Abrasion Resistance (1500 Circles): Class 3

    Slipperiness: Dry:0.86, Wet:0.57