KN95 Dust Masks Full Face Mask with Free Adjustable Headgear N95 Mask Full Face Mask Dust Masks (10Packs)

KN95 Dust Masks Full Face Mask with Free Adjustable Headgear 10/Pc/Boxs

SKU: KN9500
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    • Function: Protect you from P-M2.5, f-og and h-aze, industrial pollut-ion, vehicle ex-haust, dust, second-hand sm-oke, poll-en aller-gy, etc.
    • Perfect design: After wearing the mas-k, n-ose pieces is adjustable according to each person different n-ose shape, so that the sealing effect is better.
    • Effective protection: The mas-k gasket effectively prevents direct contact between the face and the mas-k and does not contamin-ate the inside of the mas-k with saliva.
    • Ideal for woodworking, house cleaning, and general maintenance.
    • High-quality materials: Non-woven fabrics, safe, breathable, hypoaller-genic, and high filtra-tion, capacity. Elastic ear-loops with no pressure to the ears. Provide some protection against d-ust, or some poi-sonous things.

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